Monument protection for the Beuel parish cemetery

The Denkmal-und Geschichtsverein Bonn-Rrh. has asked the city of Bonn to check the parish cemetery of Beuel for its worthiness as a monument.

The Denkmal-und Geschichtsverein Bonn-Rrh. (Bonn-Rrh. Monument and History Society) has asked the monument authority of the city of Bonn to check the parish cemetery of Beuel for its worthiness as a monument. The parish-owned cemetery of the catholic parish St.Josef and Paulus Beuel, located in the street triangle Sankt Augustiner-, Combahn- and Kreuzstraße, is currently under public discussion. According to the press, it is a) about redesign plans of the cemetery operator, which are connected with unusual tree cutting actions, as well as b) about a reduction in area in favor of a widening of the public traffic area of the Sankt Augustiner Straße (B 56).

"Against this background", says the Monument Association in its submission to the Monument Office of the City of Bonn, "of course the question of the importance of this cemetery from the point of view of monument preservation and protection is raised. We are surprised that the cemetery is not (long since) under the legal protection of monuments - as a whole or only in parts or even only with regard to single graves. For all three views there are", the association says, "sufficiently good arguments."

The association informs about the historical facts: After the construction of the Beuel parish church St. Josef as a daughter church of Vilich in a first construction phase in 1883 and after attained parish independence in 1887, this parish cemetery was consecrated already a little later. Some of the trees that are the subject of public discussion could also date from this time, in any case the huge sequoia tree on Sankt Augustiner Straße, which acts as a landmark: there are probably only three of this type and quality in the Beuel street area; the other two are in Vilich in front of the collegiate church and in Oberkassel on Königswinterer Straße on the grounds of the DLR, near police headquarters.

Their age is estimated by experts to be about 130 years. The cemetery was considerably reduced in size as early as 1954 when the Sankt Augustiner Straße, formerly "Vilicher Straße", was widened for the first time; as a result, the artistically constructed quarry stone wall with the sculpture of St. Christopher was built.

The endangered sequoia

The St. Christopher sculpture


Old gravestones at the parish cemetery Beuel

Tomb of the Gilles family

Tomb of the Thiebes family

Tomb of the Andernach family

Tomb of the Risse family

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